Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BIO Degradable

I refreshed my obtuse bio on etsy but here's the other for old times sake:

1ofmykind Jewelry by Jody McGill

Inspired by lifes beauty and created with
These AUTHENTIC creations are "1ofmykind"
Every piece intricately designed of
with curves and layers unique unto itself.
Just like a lot of PEOPLE I know.
inherent to the pristine vintage findings
and intricate hand toolings CREATED in lifetimes past
Yes, Ladies, with AGE comes BEAUTY
Affirm it! BELIEVE it! Wear it!

I can't sing only the notes written...so after 8 years of studying vocal music, (Yes, that means opera), I left college 14 credits short of my degree to raise a child and start my first antique store in what was once a mecca of vintage treasures, Galena,IL. At early morning flea markets and late night auctions I began to savor and hoard antique jewelry and began reincarnating remnants of filigree and jewels into wearable art way back in 1993. Within weeks my work was being sold at a local boutique as well as in my own antique shoppe. Passion sealed.

The ability to see things others can't is something I was born with...My mother loves to tell the story how at the age of 2 I could tell someone was pregnant (early first trimester )and openly announce it to the ladies as they chatted over coffee cake horrifying my mother and amusing all in attendance.

I laugh louder and cry harder than most you know and as you've already guessed have a big mouth. Accordingly I've paid dearly for asking questions and calling out when I experience or witness injustice ...I guess you could say it's my modus operandi, the way I was raised and a characteristic I 'll never be able nor want to shake.

4000 hearts and counting! You all make it So worth it!

So you're thinking , "Ya, what does that have to do with your jewelry?"

Everything ...it is what I offer UP after a harrowing journey. Each piece a relic of my past reborn in beauty...proof that every obstacle offers me choice to ask myself who I am and to decide what I am going to make of it.

Setting things straight...here you will find unsurpassed workmanship executed in the tradition of the Nouveau masters...with a new twist! Every piece is meticulously hand fashioned with the utmost care, preserving the integrity of the pristine antique tooled and rare vintage brass finery I use to sculpt each "chambered glass" or gemstone piece. Indeed, the act of encasing a stone solely in Art Nouveau/Deco Era brass filigree began right here. No glue or solder is used as my stones are uniquely and firmly hand set using torque and tension harnessing the valuable energy carried within the jewel itself. It is what sets my work apart... And I have the thumb muscles to prove it :) This is my passion and sole profession for the past 13 years and for that I am indeed grateful as it's much like sprinkling fairie dust...EVERYDAY! I can't really explain it. It's what I do and have been doing for a very looong time whilst breathing...deeply, raising three kids and praying for PEACE.

My work has been featured in high end venues from coast to coast. Most recently at the Kari Feinstein's MTV STYLE LOUNGE, the epitome of celebrity "swag" events! Two days in a $25,000,000 mansion in the Hills hob-nobbing with Hollywoods movers and shakers.

Anne Heche recently strutted my stuff on the Red Carpet!
Jessica Alba, Joely fisher, Regina King, Katie Cleary, Sole Alberti,
Ashley Scott, Marisa Miller, Shannon Elizabeth, Morena Corwin, Leelee Sobieski, Christine lakin and now even FERGIE are adorned in 1ofMYkind jewels!

We were invited as VIP to Fergie's House of Blues concert in Chicago and met w/ her privately afterwards. She now owns three pieces!

My work can also be seen at Eve on Larimar, Denver; Laughing Monkey,Vail; Dragonfly,Chicago; Steelo, Bucktown Department stores (ie Anthropologie), Galleries (including The renown CHICAGO ART INSTITUTE 2001-2005), Private Showings (ie: Ford Models, Chicago Art Insitute Invitational Trunkshows), Magazines (ie:Hot Spots, Chicago Scene, HER, Encore...) On stage and film (Saddled...curioscity.com, Cabaret, Romeo & Juliet, The Vagina Monologues) and on thousands of Goddesses galavanting about the globe....

WHOLESALE interest? Please convo for requirements and rates.

I stand by my workmanship for life...one woman, a pile of pliers, passionate about my work as well as supporting others on their OWN artistic journeys. May you tread a new path in lieu of walking the footsteps of another as creativity cannot be echoed, immitated, taught nor forced...it is simply an innate quality of being human. Click your heals you're already there :)

Please feel free to inquire regarding copyright, provenance. Thank you kindly for your tremendous response and continued support. Peruse at your liesure knowing custom orders are welcomed as most of my designs are available in a plethora of colors, lengths etc...Your wish is my command!

Thanks to all of you Goddesses nourishing yourselves and in turn supporting my art, spirit and family.

All work protected under REGISTERED US COPYRIGHT for A.muse Studios (1ofmykind.com) 1995-2006. Please report infringement to me directly at jody@jodymcgill.com. Really...

because I LOVE to do what I do :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Here I go :)

Yep! I am diving in to the blog scene in order to keep you all updated on the latest and greatest going on in my bejeweled world. A little about the past, a lot about the present and as an archive for the future.